The Life of Speaker Dennis Bonnen

29 May

The honorable Dennis Bonnen is one of the most prominent men in  Texas he was appointed to the previous speaker of the  8th January 2019 in Texas full stop speaker Dennis Bonnen is known for many things but one of the most outstanding thing about this prominent man of the state is in his strong voice for unity among the house chamber. He has been able to actualize this through empowering members to work together so that they will achieve a common goal that will be for the benefit of the State. Speaker Burnett is also a man who believed in a strong productive efficient government that will be accountable to Texas with no fever reason and politics but rather finding solutions to all issues.

Having served in Texas House of Representatives over 20 years where has been representing 25th house District that Encompasses southern Brazoria county and the entire Matagorda County speaker Bonnen has been serving in this government since he was a young adult. He was therefore appointed at the age of 24 to be the Texas House of Representatives in 1997. Accurate mathematics shows therefore in 2019 he started his 12th term in the office. Business incredible for one person to have achieved this much within such a period of time.  Click here to learn more about Dennis Bonnen.

Beyond politics, speaker burning is the chairman and the CEO of the board of heritage bank. In the Houston business journal in 2009, he was honored with one of the inaugural 40 under 40 awards. Speak upon n he graduated from Angleton High School and also graduated Cam Laude from St Edward’s University in Houston with a B.A in political science in 2001 where he was honored with their alumina achievement award and he was inaugurated as an ISD distinguished alumni Hall of Fame in 2013. All this achievement shows a man of high call integrity and who is willing to start at nothing until Texas to become one of the best places to be politically and socially. Speaker Boehner is also a family man who has been known to give his family for security and he has a great way of currency between politics his personal life and his family. Speaker Dennis Bonnen has therefore been known to offer the most excellent services in the government of Texas and therefore he can be trusted and many people look up to him. For more information about the company and check out this site.  Check out this blog to get enlightened on this topic:

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